7 Tips for a Successful Video Production


1: Clearly define the job. You should have a clear understanding of your audience, message and objective. This should be coordinated with the production company to ensure the job is understood and all aspects of the job are properly planned.

2: Meeting with the key members of the production team. Before selecting a company, meet the person or team, who will be producing your video. You should feel assured that they understand what you need to accomplish with the production and that the task can be accomplished within your budget. Remember the salesman is often not a key player during production.

3: Be assured the production company has the resources to fulfill all your requirements. There are many confusing technical aspects in video production. The experienced producer knows what level of production is best for your project and can clearly explain the options available for your production.

4: Select the most cost effective choice, which may not be the lowest price. A lower price may be an indication of less capable equipment or lesser qualified personnel. It may take more hours at a lower rate and the result may not be as effective, or an inexperienced performer may not have the impact of an experienced professional actor. Be sure, when comparing price, that you also compare capabilities.

5: Do not base a decision largely on a demonstration or awards. Many production companies change personnel over time. Make sure that the demonstration you see or the awards claimed involve the production team you will be working with.

6: Content is King; remember the creative aspect of video. In a creative effort such as video production, the concept and execution of that concept is where the greatest value lies. Many video companies can make a video, but a video that effectively delivers your message requires an understanding of the message, the audience and the objective. Having personal confidence in the creative person or team behind your production is a step toward success.

7: Do others recommend the video producer? This can be the most important thing to look for; do clients have faith in the company or person you will be working with?


© 2016 Bill Williams
Producer and owner of A Cut Above Video Productions, Inc. since 1988