Video Production Changes and Trends


Video Production Trends
Significant recent changes in video include a rapid growth in viewership on the web, high definition production being firmly established and an increase in very low budget production equipment (including web cams and smart phones) being used to produce web videos. Video for the web or distributed via the internet has replaced most traditional hard media distribution such as video DVDs. Regarding lower budget production, lower cost high definition formats are common especially with some budget minded production companies. The quality of these lower cost HD formats is not that of typical broadcast production, but if the image needed to convey your message does not require the more polished look, the low budget path can be effective.

Video Formats
There are many ‘flavors’ of high definition production formats including large format image sensors used in cameras like DSLRs are great for the low budget filmmaker on up to theatrical quality digital cinema production cameras used in major motion pictures. Somewhere in between is where most professional video productions should be. Content and intended use should dictate the appropriate choice for best value. Quality considerations start with the lens, then the imager, finally the processing to convert the image for recording; each step impacts the quality of the image. Here there is a clear correlation with cost and performance.

4K (5K, 6K, ...)
Many production cameras have four times or more than the resolution of current HD broadcast video. The main use is for production, not distribution, but 4K theatrical distribution has begun and home use may not be far away; only waiting for the demand to be there. Right now there isn't much material being delivered in 4K, but acquisition in 4K or higher is becoming common. For certain applications it is the right choice; it allows for considerably more flexibility in postproduction.

There are many quality and cost related choices when making video production decisions. Those choices should be based on how the video will be used to obtain the desired result for the money spent. Never neglect the fact that content is king. Content creatively presented is the most important factor in any successful production.


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