The Growth of A Cut Above Video Productions

Bill Williams - A Cut Above Founder and President
May 2017

Working out of my home turned out not to be right for me.

When I started my first video production company in 1986 as Video Techniques it was in my spare bedroom. With my neighbors’ permission and the obligation to not have any business visitors, getting a business license was pretty simple; getting business… not so simple. BUT, the business did grow. I got more equipment. Customers needed to come to my ‘office’. Working out of my home was not very professional, so I moved.


My first ‘real’ office in 1988 was a 100 square foot room rented from a Cocoa advertising agency. While at that location I incorporated the business and changed the name to A Cut Above Video Productions, Inc. That location worked out well for a couple of years until I had more equipment than would easily fit, so some of it was again at my house. I began working for agencies that were competing with the one I was renting from and the rental relationship became awkward. BUT, I had an offer on space in a new location, so I moved.


My second office in 1991, where I occupied about 200 square feet, was a sublet from the video company in Cape Canaveral, where I was doing most of my editing work. That was a very successful location, because renting from the video company, where I was editing, made travel to their facility pretty simple, just a few steps down the hall. BUT, that company and I began competing for the same work, so I moved.


My third office in 1993 was a 400 square foot facility sublet from a non-video related company in West Melbourne. That was the first facility that was specifically modified for my needs and it was in an excellent location and near many of my clients. As my business grew and I hired my first employee the need for more space became a challenge. All was going well at that location. BUT, our landlord needed more space, too, and did not renew our lease, so we moved.


In 1996 we moved into our fourth office, which was 600 square feet right across the street from our old office in West Melbourne sublet from an aerial film and video company. That location worked out very well and also included our landlord as a client. That facility included a big open shared space that we used as a studio for some productions. We got along well with our landlord. BUT, his business model changed and he moved out, so we stayed.

We now occupied 4,000 square feet of space. I thought we could make that work because in that same timeframe we purchased Channel 43’s production department from USA Broadcasting and began working with Karl Miller, who was the production manager at Channel 43. That was working well until Karl fell in love (again) and moved to Pennsylvania. We tried to make that large facility work. BUT, in the end had to concede the place was simply just too big, so we moved.


In 2003 we moved into a 2,000 square foot facility in Melbourne. Before moving into our fifth location we remodeled it specifically for our needs. It now includes an insert studio, multiple edit stations, an audio recording room (not just a booth), comfortable office space and lots of storage room. This space has turned out to be ideal for us. Keri Goff is now a partner in the business and we have no immediate plans to move. No BUTs about it.