Live or Recorded Webcast

Live or recorded webcasts at A Cut Above Video’s upgraded Melbourne Florida studio became available in June 2020. This system can switch live between the presenter and PowerPoint/Keynote, recorded video, a website, or any other computer sourced video and/or audio. The presentation can be broadcast live on the internet and/or recorded.

Included is an optional on set monitor, giving the presenter and audience a similar visual experience as with an in-person presentation.

A Teleprompter is available in front of the camera, which can display text, PowerPoint/Keynote, online viewer questions and comments, or any other information the presenter wishes to see.

Monitors to the right and left of the presenter can display any visuals the presenter may want. This is particularly useful when working with two presenters on-camera simultaneously.

This system integrates well with web streaming platforms such as YouTube Live and Facebook Live that provide a good viewing experience.

This is not a replacement for simpler webinar presentations using systems such as GoToMeeting, Zoom, or Skype which are well suited for internal meetings. It is designed for higher quality more engaging presentations to customers, outside organizations, and larger groups. This studio quality system puts the presenter in a more familiar presentation environment, provides more engaging clear visuals and audio for the viewer, and is a near plug and play solution to creating low-cost internet video presentations.

Demonstration of a live webcast

A behind the scenes look from the presenter’s point of view